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Roles of a Volunteer
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Guardian ad Litem - Gaston County

Guardian Ad Litem Volunteers help in numerous ways and roles.

Some of these incredible roles are listed and described below:

  • Investigator - The GAL independently conducts a thorough investigation on behalf of the child by interviewing many people and collecting records from many sources.
  • Reporter - The GAL presents information and recommendations to the court to help the judge determine what is in the child's best interest. A written report is prepared by the GAL, and it becomes a permanent part of the child's court record.
  • Spokesperson - The GAL ensures that the child's best interests are presented to the court and advocates for appropriate services and resources to meet the child's needs.
  • Monitor - The GAL serves as a monitor, ensuring that the orders of the court are carried out and that the families and children in need recieve the appropriate help.

These roles are important if not impairative for a child. If you feel you would like to be a vioce for a child please look at the "Becoming a Volunteer" page.