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Volunteer's Heartfelt Statements
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Guardian ad Litem - Gaston County

Questions Asked
  1. What makes you as a person, be able to help these children?
  2. What type of internal rewards do you feel you have received since you began volunteering with the program?
  3. What aspects of volunteering have affected you the most?
  4. Do you have any additional comments you would like to include about volunteering?

  • Richard Cauthen-volunteering 2 years
  1. I can kind of relate to these children and understand some of what they are going through. I also have a lot of love for all children and am a very compassionate person with a big heart.
  2. Just knowing that I have helped these children in different ways makes me feel really good inside about myself along with the tears of joy and peace.
  3. Just knowing the children's background and what they have had to go through. All the big or little things they face in their young lives, it's really heart breaking and has made me want to fight that much harder to help them be in safe, loving, and permanent homes.
  4. Volunteering for the Guardian ad Litem Program is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is also something that can fill a void in your life (and everyone has one) along with knowing that if you can help at least one abused/neglected or dependent child, then that's at least one part of our future.


If these statements touch you, we strongly encourage you to become a volunteer.
Together we can bring happiness to abused/neglected and dependent children.