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Guardian ad Litem - Gaston County

Our staff is made up of devoted people who make it possible to continue each day helping the children in need. It is a combination of a small number of supervisors, an attorney advocate, and a large number of kind-hearted volunteers.

Joanne S. Cranke
District Administrator
(704) 852-3297
Cherri Punch
Program Supervisor
(704) 852-3299
Cheri Mckinney
Program Supervisor
(704) 852-3298
Donna Hice, Volunteer Recruiter
(704) 852-3062
Penny Sturgill
Volunteer Receptionist
(704) 852-3260
Ed Bogle
Attorney Advocate
(704) 867-3688
(704) 852-9596
You can also contact our state office through their web page.
Our national office is

Of course the program would not be possible if it weren't for the wonderful volunteers that help on a regular, daily basis. If you are interested in becoming one please visit the volunteer recruitment page to find out how.