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Volunteer Responsibilities
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Guardian ad Litem - Gaston County

If these pictures bother you, you are not alone, please consider joining the GAL program as a volunteer advocate. There aren't that many responsibilities, and the rewards are enormous. You may take on as little or as much as you choose, or your schedule will allow.

Volunteer Responsibilities
  1. Once you have applied and been accepted as a volunteer, you must complete a one time 30 hour training course.
  2. You will then be sworn in by a judge as a court appointed GAL advocate. You are now officially a voice for a child in need.
  3. Once you are given a case by a program supervisor, or district administrator, you must read the case and become familiar with what is currently going on as well as what has went on in the past with the child and family. You may need to contact additional people, such as the assigned social worker, for further information.
  4. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the case you can being to talk to the appropriate people, depending on the case. Your main goal is to ensure safety for the child and decide what you believe would be best for them, and present it to the judge.
  5. You are to make sure the child is recieving all the proper resources available for them and their situation. If they are not, you are to try to advocate for those resources to be administered to them.
  6. Finally you are to help the system work for the child, trying to create permanacy for the child as quickly as possible.
  7. You will need to continue training with 6 hours of in service training a year.

Responsibilities are minimal when you think of the contribution the volunteer's make in a child's life.