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My Angel, My Voice
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Guardian ad Litem - Gaston County


                    My Angel, My Voice
I spoke out, are you listening? It hurts so badly.
Mommy and daddy say they love me, but they beat me.
And what's that strange smell, oh what can it be?
They scream, they holler and say I've been a bad boy.
My arm is broken, and the bruises are so dark.
A lady and a policeman came and took me away.
After the hospital took pictures and set my arm,
They took me to a strange place with unfamiliar faces.
Now I'm really scared, how long will I be here?
After a few days I relax a little, and then here you are.
Yet another stranger in my life, oh when will it end?
You say you are who? My Guardian ad Litem,
You want to speak up for me. But how can you do that? 
I think I understand now, you'll do what's best for me.
To make sure I'm safe and in a permanent home.
But don't you see I want to live with mommy and daddy.
Can you help them too? They never use to beat me.
They are both so sad, just one more chance please.
Now as my Guardian ad Litem, you spoke up for me.
Mommy and daddy are now drug free, and getting help.
It won't be long I know it won't be, I'll be back home.
I'll be happy and safe thanks to my angel my voice.
                                             By: B. Cauthen January 2005

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